As we finished up recording the Miss Dangerous EP, going through the mixing and mastering process, we asked ourselves “How do we want to release this? Where should we have the show?” It was important that we put on a great party and have talented local bands on the bill with us to make it memorable.

Once the mastering had wrapped up in early spring of 2019 we set the date, July 13 at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern on Queen West. We decided we would be recording the whole set, so that we could capture a significant moment in the band’s history! 

An amazing crowd turned up, cheering and dancing, and we kicked off the set with a favourite from our debut release. We continued with a mix of old and new, with some covers mixed in as well! 

Now, after many months and a global pandemic, we have the entire show ready for you all to watch and sing along with us. We’re super excited for everyone to hear the songs completely live! 

Our first video from the album release film is, Cause and Reaction. We chose to spotlight this song because it’s one of our favourite songs to play live, and benefits most from the magic on the stage. 

We’d like to say a special thanks to the Horseshoe, the film and editing crew, and all of our fans who made the night so special!