Dear friends, family, and listeners,

The world we are living in got turned upside down pretty drastically. It’s no secret that it has caused a lot of us to pull the plug on exciting things in many different fields.

In the music industry it has hit us hard. Not being able to play live for you lovely folks kills us, and we dearly miss the energy that you give at the live shows. Seeing everyone at a venue is an unmatched feeling that is so continuously inspiring to us. We decided we needed to find that feeling again, only now through other mediums.

In the periods that allow it, we have been meeting up as a band and talking about what we feel is most important. We’ve been taking the time to write new material and push our band in new and exciting ways. We are also trying to focus on how to deliver the best we’ve got to all of you safely. Live streaming and releasing new behind the scenes videos will keep you more in the loop virtually, since in-person isn’t an option.

So as we sit and wonder how things are going to change, The Detours are making it our mission that we are changing for the better.  Through these new tracks, videos, and photos, the launch of the website will allow you to view everything in one spot, making sure you get your fill.

Always thankful for the continued love and support,

— The Detours